That time of the month is rough for all of us. Period.

You know the feeling. Class is tonight, you’ve eaten really bad food all day and you’re bloated. You’re looking at your watch and wondering if you should cancel, because you can barely move off the sofa. You’re uncomfortable, tired and there’s a spot right in the middle of your forehead. You’re bleeding, or you’re about to. Should you bother exercising?

First of all, the answer to this won’t be the same for everyone. Some women don’t suffer much with their period, while for others it can be a seriously debilitating time of the month. If you really feel like you shouldn’t go, or simply don’t want to because of the discomfort, then you don’t have to. Take time for you when you need it. But here are some things to help you, if working out during your period is a problem:

1. You never regret a workout 

You really don’t! It’s worth keeping in mind if your symptoms are mild that this workout might actually improve your mood and even your pains…

2. Exercise can help with period pains 

…and other forms of discomfort, depending on how you exercise. If you suffer from low mood, but have manageable pain, then Turn’d Up is probably going to be most helpful to you!

3. Diet

You might need more iron at this time. Think about relieving bloating with a spinach-filled smoothie before, or after your class. Try herbal teas such as peppermint, ginger and chamomile to settle bloating, nausea and stress. A little red meat, beans, nuts, even dried fruit such as apricot will all help.

4. Your body is not your best friend right now

According to BUPA, you can expect: ‘Cramps, joint and muscle pain, poor concentration, insomnia, irritability and appetite changes.’ Ugh .Even top female athletes have described feeling less than their best when competing in their sport. Middle distance runner Jessica Judd says her times vary by 15 seconds, depending on what part of her cycle she’s in.You might experience clumsiness, tiredness and impaired ability to follow the routines. I’ve heard some of the girl gang complaining about this phenomenon and even I occasionally forget part of a routine if I’m on my period. The trick is to not be so hard on yourself, accept that though you may not be perfect this week, you are always progressing.

5. It might be better to take down the intensity
How about using Turn’d Up On Demand to take a shorter class and practice some of the less intense routines?
6. Some yoga in the morning might help

Check out the free routines available on YouTube. Any kind of stretching or breathing exercises will help you.

7. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen 
Are what doctors recommend as the ultimate combination of painkillers to get you back on your feet and dancing with us as soon as possible. Don’t take them together – space them apart to keep ahead of the pain, and only take ibuprofen after eating.
8. Getting to know your cycle can teach you how to understand it

You will find there are times when your energy seems boundless and times when you are so tired you can barely get out of bed. Consistency is key here; learn what eat to keep yourself healthy and avoid cravings for junk food which often leave you feeling worse than you did before. Learn to capitalise on your strongest days and to take it back a notch on your worst days if you need to. With so many classes by all the amazing Turn’d Up instructors, you have the opportunity to skip one class and take another.  The On Demand plan is fantastic for going at your own pace.

9. Look into types of birth control 
Many can help regulate hormones and help with symptoms of the menstrual cycle. Some female athletes have learned to manipulate their cycles in order to prevent their periods from having a negative effect on their big competitions. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this. Always ask your doctor to find out what is right for you – you should never change your medicines without professional medical advice.
10. Periods can be a real pain

Both literally and metaphorically, when we’re trying to get fit. Can’t lift as much? Lower the weight. Can’t dance as hard? Don’t force yourself. Turn’d Up Fitness is meant to leave you feeling great about yourself. If you feel anything less than that when exercising on your period, do not let it get you down. There is always next week.

So there you have it! The lowdown on periods and exercise. We haven’t even mentioned how that bloated tummy can make you feel when you look in the mirror – invest in some high waist leggings to hold it in if it helps! We are working hard here to create our own design which will suit all body types. At Turn’d Up our goal is to leave you feeling elated after class – stronger, sexier, happier. We want to see you in that crop top feeling your absolute best. Fake it to make it – put on your most flattering gear, swipe on some fierce red lippy and come dance with us. We always love having you here!

The next Turn’d Up Fitness instructor course is November 7th and 8th – there’s always more room to join our fabulous gang of fierce instructors! Don’t forget, we are global, so you don’t need to be local to sign up. Have a look at our instructor’s FAQ to learn how you can train online. 

Don’t feel like heading out for a class, but still want your Turn’d Up Fitness fix? You can try our awesome OnDemand service for 7 days, absolutely free of charge. Just enter the code: 7Day and away you go  – we can’t wait to dance with you!



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