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Turn’d Up is a unique dance fitness programme, that’s way more than just a fitness class: It’s good energy, amazing tunes, great vibes and teaching women to feel empowered and confident about their bodies. We learn high energy routines to current R&B, Dancehall, Pop and Hip Hop tunes.

The routines are broken down so that everyone, no matter what their ability, can learn and feel like they’re in their own music video! The lights are off and the disco lights are on! It’s alsoa fantastic full body cardio workout, burning 700-900 calories in an hour’s class. The Turn’d Up experience takes you somewhere that no other class can.

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The “Ultimate Feel Good Therapy” feel your absolute best self!


Instructor Values and Mission

Our culture promotes raising women up and giving them the support they need to go all the way. Creating a community of empowerment is the beating heart of our ethos. We will hold your hand and stick with you for the long haul, long after you’ve completed your initial training course.

We want you to reach your full potential and believe in offering the praise and recognition instructors deserve for their hard work and all that they give to the TUF movement.










Who should apply?

Our Level 2 Instructor Training has been designed for those of you looking to take your Turn’d Up career to the next level. You’re feeling ready to become the absolute best instructor you can be? Think of this as a two day Turn’d Up Bootcamp to bring out the very best in YOU!

As a Level 2 Master Instructor, you’ll be inspiring and acting as a role model to fellow instructors. You will have the passion to create a strong, supportive, nurturing environment, where you can connect with your class and other instructors to inspire them to become the best versions of themselves – there’s no better feeling!

The only criteria is that you must have completed the Level 1 Instructor Course and currently be licensed to teach Turn’d Up Fitness.

The Course


The course takes places over two days (16 hours) and will be run by creator and founder Shekira Johnson (depending on location/dates).

We offer an online training course, or a face to face option. We will hold 3 to 4 Level 2 instructor courses a year as a minimum.

The course will include core learning modules, interactive topical discussions, practical sessions and a final assessment ‘performance’ which will be recorded.


Before attending the course you will be sent a carefully selected, varied Turn’d Up Fitness playlist for you to perfect ahead of the course start date.

You will also be provided with a Turn’d UpFitness Advanced Level 2 Instructor Manual in paper or e-book (dependent on method of learning). This is you go-to guide to any aspect of Turn’d Up. A handy, easy to understand reference guide, filled with invaluable, exclusive material to help you along your journey.

The two day course will be broken down into a number of sessions focussing on:

• Turn’d Up format and secret formula
• Musicality
• Technique
• Teaching
• Wowing your class
• Perfecting your Cues/Prompts
• Expanding on Emotion, Energy and Clarity of performance.
• Marketing and Social Media

We will then work with you in groups and in-depth on an individual basis, to bring out the absolute best in you as an instructor. Through practical sessions, we will drill you so that you are ready for your performance assessment. You will be assessed on your ability to run a full class with perfect technique, holding high energy, pace and stamina throughout. We will be monitoring your personality and class engagement, your leadership qualities and your performance skills.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of your two day course, you will have re-affirmed your understanding of the ethos and values of the Turn’d Up Fitness brand. This course will give you the confidence to continue to hold Turn’d Up Fitness classes in your community at the absolute highest level. You will act as a role model among the Turn’d Up community.

You will gain a more in depth understanding of the Turn’d Up Fitness business model and the expectations of your role as an instructor.

You will deepen your knowledge of our social media principles. We will arm you with digital marketing strategies, so you feel confident producing even more engaging content to ensure your classes are at full capacity, all the time.

You will have perfected the key moves, choreography and technique needed to lead a Turn’d Up Fitness class.The extra tuition ensures you are the best instructor you can be, and will help you to get the most out of your class members. This will be far more intense than the Level 1 course, with a focus on stamina and accuracy inyour delivery. This course will take your skill set to the next level!

Your course leader will work with you on any specific area’s for development across the two days tailored to your needs. Each course attendee will have different needs and areas of focus so we tailor this accordingly.

What will I gain?

Upon qualification you will receive a certificate ofachievement which will then authorise you to teach Turn’d Up Fitness for the duration of our agreement together.

As a level 2 instructor you will be offered a free 121 session with industry experts around business and mindset.

As an advanced instructor, we will also ask you to assist with our new Level 1 Instructor courses and work with our new cohorts to get them ready for their final day assessments.

Once qualified at Level 2, you will also be qualified to progress to our Level 3 Master Trainer course. You will be invited to interview and apply for the Master Trainer course upon completion of Level 2, whenever you feel ready!

You will also gain access to a host of support resources to make you the best possible instructor you can be:

• Marketing materials
• Brand tool-kit
• Instructor personal development modulesvand on-going training workshops.
• Access to hundreds of routines & a minimum of two new routines added per month to keep your classes fresh
• Free monthly Technique Training (online or studio option)
• Membership of the supportive, inclusive instructors’ online community
• Access to the instructors private area
• Themed Masterclass material
• Access to a personal mentor
• Access to reading lists
• Dance nutrition plans
• Community events – flash mobs etc. local events
• 10% of all merchandise

How to Apply

The cost of the course is £420.

Follow the link below to fill out a booking form and where you will be required to pay via PayPal.

If you would like to pay in instalments, please follow the above steps and select the PayPal button labelled subscribe. Instalments will be £140, over the course of 3 months.

Once we have received payment and your form has been submitted, we will be in touch to confirm course dates and send you any pre-course information.

Cancellation policy – Full payment must be made prior to attending the course. No refunds will be given. 1 calendar month notice must be given to cancel monthly subscription once qualified.

Check out some of the routines

Clare gave it 5 Stars

Sian gave it 5 Stars


Brilliant! You’ve decided to go for it! The real bonus of joining Turn’d Up Fitness (that we forget when we get to have this much fun) is that you get to do something you love and get paid for it!

Our instructors are all self employed and are responsible for running their own small fitness businesses. It’s down toyou to chose your venue, attract members, manage your social media and ensure you have the correct insurance andlicenses in place.
You have the flexibility to decide how many classes, location/times and to pick your own playlists from the hundreds of routines we have. So it really does become YOUR class.

Some of our experienced instructors get 40+ women per class and teach three classes a week. So the earning potential is great!

Managing projects by day and Turnin’ Up by night is what I love to do! I realised I was coming to live in Australia after doing Turn’d Up classes for 5 months (i’d put them off for 2 years). I just knew I had to qualify and take this amazing programme over the other side of the world and share it with as many people as possible.

It really has changed my life without even realising. Now, I am so comfortable in my own body, I never even think about fad diets or my squishy bits. I just absolutely love every workout I do, and embrace every little part of my body, lumps, cellulite and all!

I have been teaching in Sydney for just 4 months and my gang in that time has developed soo much! It’s the most rewarding thing in the world seeing my Queens grow in confidence move to the front of the class and literally promote my classes wherever they go, as (like me) they have become obsessed with the Turn’d UpFeeling.

I will be teaching two classes a week starting next week, and it means I can start sharing this amazing program with even more incredible people!

Karys, Sydney

My Turn’d Up journey started 5 years ago when I met Shekira ather class in Cardiff. From the first moment, she totally inspired me – her confidence, total passion and dedication to Turn’d up soon became infectious!

5 years later, I have 3 years teaching experience in Cardiff and am now living and teaching in Spain, as a master instructor!

Through the ups and downs of life, the trials, triumphs and tests- Turn’d up fitness has always been my go to. Even 5 years later, I feel energised and filled with passion for dance every time I put on the Turn’d Up hat and dance away!

I have loved every moment of being an instructor – from meeting Shekira, watching strong, fierce women smashing it and becoming instructors and dancing with everyone who’s attended my classes.

Turn’d Up Fitness is more than a class, it is community of like-minded women who just want to have fun and pass on good vibes only (whilst getting insanely strong and fit).

Now I teach Loca Mamas Turn’d Up Fitness and it’s amazing to watch women from all different cultures being brought together through their love of dance.

Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to just get fit or wanting to find your vibe, I can’t recommend Turn’d Up enough.

As cheesy as if sounds, I genuinely feel blessed to have found this passion and am so happy for all the women who have found it too. Thank You Shekira!!

Titi, Barcelona