Learn How To Set Goals That Will Transform Your Life

I firmly believe that setting myself goals and sticking to them is how Turn’d Up fitness is still alive. But I haven’t always been able to do that. Years ago I had so many ideas: “I can do this” and “I can do that.” I would get so excited about my new ideas and feel amazing, but then a few days would pass, life would happen, and I would go completely off-track. I would get distracted and would loose sight of my goals. Then I would feel like I was deluded; like everything I thought I could achieve was just a pipe dream. This would affect my self-confidence, bring me down and more often than not, I would binge eat.

I’ve learnt all of my goal setting knowledge and strategies from the best mentors, life coaches, and books out there. I’ve taken all the best bits from each and applied it to my life and got the results of my dreams. Now I’m going to share it with you so you can get the results that you want too. You are reading this because you want to change. You want to get out of a rut; you have been there for way too long.  You want to create a life that is exciting and has meaning and purpose. A life that is going to make you bounce out of bed in the morning. For that, you need a goal that is going to pull you into the future. In this blog I’m going to guide you step by step through how to set and achieve your goals.

It is really important that you start this process today. Do not put things off and procrastinate. So many of us go through life aimlessly. We know we want to do things, but we don’t know how. Once you know what it is you want and you have plan, you’ll be on your merry way. You wont even care what anybody else is doing. The steps I am going to tell you about here will get you where you want to be. 

1. Define your Goal.

The first step is knowing what it is you want to achieve. Your desired end result needs to be crystal clear. Think of one thing that – if you had no limitations at all – you would really love to do or have. Imagining yourself with no limitations at all is important, because it is usually our self-limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential (rude on us). Close your eyes and visualise your goal. Let your imagination run wild. Make it something that you would feel absolutely incredible about when you achieve it.

If you’re struggling with this, try this: pretend you’ve waved a magic wand and your life is perfect in every single way. Close your eyes and picture yourself vividly 5 years from now living your absolute best life. What are you doing? What do you have?
Here’s some ideas…What about a health goal? Why not get in the best shape of your life. Oh my god, your confidence is gonna go through the roof when you get there. Trust me. When your health and energy levels are on form you feel like you can take on the world. You are unstoppable. Or maybe you want to start a business? It could be progression in your career or maybe you would love to become a Turn’d Up Fitness Instructor??

Once you have it, write this goal down. If we write it down we’re more likely to be committed to it and achieve it. Get yourself a nice goal book and start writing.

2. Find Your ‘Why’.

Now move on to writing all the reasons why this goal is important to you. Would it help you out financially? Would you feel happier and more fulfilled? Would your family benefit from it?  When I knew that I wanted to run an Accredited Instructors Training Programme I focused on how it would have a massive, positive impact on women. It would help them to earn an income doing something they absolutely loved. I knew it was going to help all of the women in their community to become happier and healthier and give them something to look forward to each week. It would help women with obesity and low confidence to feel good about themselves. Also, it would help me become financially independent and do something that I loved. Those were the reasons why the goal was important to me and they were my motivation every day.

3. Identify Your Obstacles.

Next, identify and write down all the obstacles you might face when working towards your goal; all the things that are going to hold you back. Then write down who can help you overcome those obstacles. Let’s face it, we can’t all be amazing at everything. For instance, I’m great on camera and I love it, but I suck at the tech stuff so I’ll ask for help with that. My father always taught me to play to your strengths; focus on what you are good at and ask for help when you need it. Sometimes however, we have to do things we are not comfortable with. Identify your weakness early on, the skill you need to achieve your goal that you don’t have and no-one can do for you. Then practice getting better at it. Youtube is the best free university where you can learn how to do anything, not to mention all of the amazing books out there. If you can’t think of your obstacles easily, ask yourself this: why haven’t you achieved your goal already? Work commitments? Moving house? No child care? Changing jobs? Not enough hours in the day? I’m sorry to say this, but these are all excuses and there are almost always ways to overcome them. It just takes planning and commitment. NO MORE EXCUSES! Let’s glow.

4. List What You Need.

Now write down every single thing on this planet that you can think of that you’ll need to achieve your goal. Writing out a list transforms your thinking in the most positive way. When you look at the list you realise that you can do it; it is actually possible. You can keep adding to the list until you’ve thought of absolutely everything. Then organise your list so you put the most important things first.  I still remember my first list when starting Turn’d Up – I had to make a YouTube account, set up an Instagram, get Turn’d Up accredited by CIMPSA. The list wen’t on and on. It might feel overwhelming, but in step 8 I’ll tell you how to tackle those overwhelming feelings. You’re not going to believe this. After i finished writing this, I went into a cupboard at my mum’s house looking for a white board because I was filming a 30 minute work out for On Demand, and I pulled out my first ever white board to-do list from back when I was starting Turn’d Up. Here it is…..

5. Set an end date.

Putting an end date on your goals creates a sense of urgency to get tasks completed and helps you hold yourself accountable. Sometimes I will set myself a 30-day challenge to complete a task. However, what I will say is that good things take time. Don’t rush things. Your end-date needs to be a balance between close enough to motivate you to work hard, but not so rushed that you set yourself up to fail.

6. Get Ready for Commitment and Hard Work.

Why do most people fail to achieve their goals? Because it takes hard work and you have to be determined and disciplined. If you look at any successful person on the planet they have been through pain and hardships and have failed more than once but they did not give up when times got hard. Anything worth having in life comes at a price. It is not going to get handed to you on a plate, you have to work for it. You are not going to feel motivated every single day, and that’s ok. Our emotions and energy come in ebbs and flows. If you need a day off, then take it. Look after yourself. But get straight back to it the next day. Also, remember that all this hard work takes physical energy so you are going to need to look after yourself physically. Eat the right nutrition to support your health and wellbeing. If you do this then you will be more alert and focused. Once your body is clean and clear you are more likely to vibrate energy and think more clearly, and opportunities will move more frequently into your life. You become like a magnet – people are drawn to you because of the energy you are exuding. 

7. Get Ready to Take Risks and Make Sacrifices.

Another thing that successful people know is that achieving your goals means taking risks and making sacrifices. Goals take you from comfortable to uncomfortable, or even really uncomfortable! So be prepared to feel this way lots of the time. Feel the fear and do it anyway because you are going to get there! Have a think about what sacrifices you are willing to take to achieve your goal. When I knew I wanted to run my Instructors Training course I had to pay a lot of money to people to help me set it up. I needed their skills and this cost a lot of money that I did not have at the time. I had to make so many sacrifices to achieve momentum. It meant no holidays, no new clothes and no eating out with my friends. Everything I earned went into developing my business. I watched my whole family go to Barbados on holiday for Christmas while I stayed home on my own. This was a heartbreaking choice but one I had to make. But now I am so glad I made those decisions.

8. Take Action. Here is my advice for not getting overwhelmed with your to-do list.

Do one thing each day to help you move towards your goal. Every day. Just one thing. That is all I ask. Decide how much time you are going to spend on it in the day and remove all distractions. Self discipline is key here. Discipline yourself to do the planning and discipline yourself to complete the task. Stay on the task until it is 100 percent complete. Do not do anything else. You may start to get sabotaging thoughts but do not give in. Tell that voice to shut up and get to work. As you get going, momentum will build then maybe you can bump it up to three things a day! I guarantee that if you take one step each day you are most definitely going to achieve your goal. This technique will change your life. It is so powerful. You will need to make a plan with all the steps to take each day, each week, and maybe each month. Think on paper. Plan each week at the beginning of the week, plan each month at the beginning of the month, plan each day the day before. I find that writing out your important task the night before gives you an exciting reason to get up. And once you’ve done what you’ve said you are going to do that day, be sure to add something fun in your day and enjoy the moment and the sense of achievement My go to for fun is always a Turn’d Up Fitness class. It’s just the best feeling on the planet.

9. Practise Visualisation and Affirmations.

Visualisation is the most powerful thing; I practice visualisation every single day. And visualisation works, I promise you. I love this quote by Bob Proctor: ‘If you can hold it in your head you can hold it in your hands”. That’s what visualisation is about – you can make what’s in your head a reality (by the way, I would recommend doing the Bob Proctor Abundance Meditation on Youtube https://youtu.be/lssNBHXz4Vw. It’s a guided meditation that really opens up your mind. Theres not a day that goes passed without me doing it). When you create mental images it activates the law of attraction and you will start attracting everything you need to bring that vision into reality. You’ll start getting ideas and inspiration to move you forward. If you practice visualisations daily it will program your subconscious mind, then your goal is going to become a burning desire and you will stick by your goal through thick and thin. When starting Turn’d Up I used to visualise women, happily smiling and laughing, proudly holding their Turn’d Up Fitness instructor certificates. I had a picture in my mind of healthy, vibrant women, all delighted with their certificates. Fast forward three years and I’ve actually seen this happen in real life hundreds of times. On a daily basis I visualise myself as the best version of myself – eating clean, exercising right, reading and learning. If you’re always thinking about how bad life is, it’s going to block the possibilities. Another quote that I love is ‘if your mind is blind to the possibility then your eyes will be blind to the opportunities’. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want. I used to visualise my dream car. I imagined my hands around the steering wheel and the smell of the brand new leather interior. It was seriously on my vision board for 3 years. The day I drove out of the car show room with my dream car I was like ‘Oh My God’. I had 5p when I started Turn’d Up and here I am driving away with my dream car. How funny is that. It’s like a pinch me moment. I feel the same way when I see all the happy women who have just done a Turn’d Up Fitness workout on social media. You may want to try repeating affirmations to yourself like ‘I like myself’, ‘I am responsible’, ‘I can do this’. Train your brain to believe in yourself and that when you say you are going to do something you are actually going to do it. 

I wanted to write this blog to give you the goal setting techniques that will change your life in the most extraordinary way, and to help you overcome any obstacle that life might throw at you and find true happiness. All you need to do is open your heart and mind and approach life with hope and courage. You know the saying: “Anything is possible”? It really is. And you are worth all the success that is coming your way. Why are you worth it? I will give you some reasons why: you are amazing, you are loving and kind. You are passionate and you care.  You have infinite power inside of you – you just need to believe in those powers.

You are amazing! I have a funny feeling that you don’t know how truly amazing you really are…

Together, let’s change our lives and the world. Let’s glow, from the inside out. 

Love from Shekira xx  

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