Become an Instructor

  • Are you looking for a new challenge or side hustle?
  • Do you love fitness or dance?
  • Do you want to change women’s lives, including your own?

Then becoming a Turn’d Up Fitness Instructor is

what you’ve been looking for!

Turn’d Up is a unique dance fitness programme that’s way more than just a fitness class.

It’s amazing tunes, great vibes and teaching women to feel empowered and confident. The lights go off, the disco lights go on and we teach high energy routines to R&B, Dancehall, and Hip Hop tunes. Our members say it’s like a night out without the hangover! Not only this, it’s also a fantastic full body cardio workout, burning 700-900 calories in an hour’s class.

To be a Turn’d Up Instructor you don’t need any previous experience in dance or fitness, you just need to love our vibe and have a passion to change people’s lives for the better. The Turn’d Up Fitness Instructor Training Course will give you all the skills you need to offer the full Turn’d Up Fitness class experience.

The instructors in our Instructor Network are all self employed and responsible for running their own Turn’d Up businesses. They have the flexibility to decide when and where to hold classes and to pick their own playlists from the hundreds of routines we have. And of course they keep their own earnings. The real bonus of joining Turn’d Up Fitness is that you get to do something you love and get paid for it. Some of our experienced instructors get 40 women in a class and teach three classes a week, so there really is amazing earning potential.

How to become a Turn’d Up instructor

Step 1

Register Your Interest

Fill in this form and our team will be in touch within 48 hours

Step 2

Pay the training fee

Be sure to check for our regular offers

Step 3

Complete your Level One Instructor Training

Attend an online or in person training weekend. Read more about the Level One course here. Find our when our upcoming training dates are here.

Step 4

Join the Turn’d Up Fitness Instructor Network

Begin your monthly subscription of £50 a month to join our Instructor Network which gives you access to the entire catalogue of of routines to teach and all the tools you need to ensure your success as an Instructor. Read more about our Instructor Network here.

Step 5

Start your Turn’d Up Fitness Classes

That’s it, you’re ready to go! Start your classes and grow your very own Girl Gang

Turn’d Up instructor network

After you’ve completed your Level 1 Instructor Training you’ll be invited to join our Turn’d Up Instructor Network. This is a monthly subscription membership of £50 designed to give you the tools and support you need to be a successful instructor.

What you’ll get:

License to Teach

Once subscribed you can start teaching wherever and whenever you like and start building your very own Girl Gang.

The Turn’d Up Fitness Formula

Turn’d Up Fitness is unique in the fitness world. The routines are like no other dance fitness class out there; they’re sassy, sexy, fun and empowering. There are already 100’s of routines to choose from and you will receive new routines every month to keep your classes fresh. See two of our routines here.

Ongoing Skills Building

You will be able to attend online or in person monthly technique sessions. This is an opportunity to network with your fellow instructors and perfect your dance and teaching technique.

Ongoing Support

You will be invited to join the Instructor Network social media group where you can access the support of other instructors seven days a week. You can also contact Team Turn’d Up and get a response within 24 hours. We recognise everyone will need different levels and types support and we work hard to make sure every one of our instructors gets an individual support experience.

Marketing Materials

You will have access to our Instructors Online Portal where you will find marketing materials to help promote your classes.

Instructor Perks

Our instructors are all special and we appreciate everything they do. The perks we currently offer include discounts on merchandise and event tickets and we are working on expanding this. We also facilitate instructors making extra income from selling merchandise to their own Girl Gangs and holding special events like a Masterclass or Hen Do.


I’m the queen of the side-hustle. I work part-time inan Italian restaurant, I sell my art in an art shop in Cardiff and I run 2 Turn’d Up classes a week at JDgym.

The thing I love most about being an instructor is showing so many girls how amazing Turn’d UpFitness is. I really like helping them to feel more confident and happy. My class is a break from everyday life, for the girls, and also for me.

The most rewarding thing is when one of the class tells me I’ve inspired them and had a positive impact on their life.

There are so many benefits to being part of TUF. It has made me happier, fitter, in better shape and increased my confidence so much.

Wendy, Cardiff

I am currently working in administration and I run one class a week,every Wednesday 7-8pm. It’s a convenient time: everyone has finished work, the kids are usually settled by that time, its mid-week and gives everyone that boost when we all get together and go for it. It fits conveniently into my life and for others too! I enjoy it andlook forward to it every week.

Instructor technique training is once every month, which is more than achievable. We learn new routines to bring to our classes to keep them fresh, and also get loads of support and advice on how to be organised and connect with our girl gangs.
It doesn’t always go to plan, but it’s always fun along the way!

I love being a TUF instructor because not only does it feed mypassion for dancing, it helps to keep me healthy and active. AND I get to share that with others too. I’ve made some lovely friends running my classes, and their feedback is mind-blowing sometimes. You don’t realise who’s watching you and who you maybe inspiring and helping, that alone is so rewarding and fulfilling.

The biggest benefit is the massive boost in self-confidence you get,it’s incredible! Everybody glows at Turn’d Up and it spills out into all aspects of your life.

Laura, Coventry

Check out two of our routines