My miracle morning

Are you a morning person? I never used to be, I’d press the snooze button and drift off back into oblivion. But once I realised I could be doing something way more useful with that time, it literally changed my life. I’ve been doing this Miracle Morning routine for three years (and yes, I do wake up very early, no alarm clock needed as my passion and drive wake me up!) and not only do I feel like I’m taking care of my mind and body, I feel it’s rewired my brain for the better. I love sleep as much as the next person, but I love reconditioning my mind more!

The book that inspired me is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I’ve recommended it to so many people and they always say they have learned so much from it.

1. List 10 things I am grateful for – 5 minutes
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I ❤️ my rose quartz!

I do this as soon as I open my eyes while holding my rose quartz, which holds unconditional love, positive energy, and healing power. No matter how crappy things get, there is always something to be grateful for, no matter how small. Here are a few of mine from this morning:

My health
My family
My home
My friends
My amazing girl gang

2. Read a self-development book – 30 minutes

I could scroll through social media and news websites, but that can come later. I don’t want to undo my good work so far! I want to flood my brain with positive, inspirational words that make me want to be my best self and reinforce the idea that anything is possible. I wrote a list of my all-time faves here and if you would like to be sent the full list, comment below!

3. Affirmations – 2 minutes

I believe in the law of attraction and that using mantras can make them come true in your life. Write a list of what is important to you. Read one at a time slowly repeatedly until you really feel it. Even if it sounds silly at first, it will recondition your way of thinking. When I first started doing affirmations, I used to feel the complete opposite to what I was saying. Now I truly believe them. We can choose our thoughts; I find that idea really empowering! Here’s a few of mine; comment below if you’d like me to send you the full list!

I am unstoppable.

I can, and I will, watch me!

I am a powerful, confident individual, all events in this day serve me goodness.  

This day is balanced; I am completely aware of my body and all of its needs .

I only put nourishing food into my body.

I see beauty and strength in every moment of my life.

4. Meditation – 15 minutes

Meditation reduces stress, improves relaxation, increases concentration and stabilizes emotions.  What’s not to love?! I fully believe it keeps me sane on the crazy hamster wheel of running a business. The playlists I use are on the Turn’d Up YouTube channel. YouTube is a great place to find meditations.

5. Visualisations – 5 minutes

I will always remove my makeup before bed…

Basically, I visualise what I want my life to look like. Sometimes I see myself flying business class with my girl gang, traveling to different countries to run instructors’ training and masterclasses, doing TV appearances. Sometimes I visualise walking into Chanel and treating myself to a new bag 🤗  As Carrie Green says in She Means Business – Your brain can’t tell the difference between an action you performed, and an action you visualised – so what have you got to lose?


6. Write a to-do list – 5 minutes

Now my brain is calm and focussed, I feel ready to take on the day. It’s still early, there’s plenty of time to achieve what I want to achieve, and I’ve provided myself with the mindset to do it!

7. Go to the gym or for a run – 60 minutes
Fitness, runner, nature

And breathe…

I love working out; it’s as much of a habit for me as cleaning my teeth. It gets my endorphins pumping and I feel fit, strong, vibrant, full of vitality and ready for anything. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to teach my dance fitness classes every week without building up my stamina in the gym!

If you can’t get out to the gym, a home workout can be just as beneficial. This has inspired me to bring my routines online – comment below or get in touch if you want to sign up for the routines that I swear by! I love to go for a run sometimes, too. You can’t beat laps or (deep breath) hill sprints around the park to get your heart pumping!


Has this inspired you to make some changes to your morning or do you have some of your own tips to share? I’d love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below!

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