Friends with benefits – join our Girl Gang!

Today I want to discuss my fave subject ever – Turn’d Up (of course!) There are *so* many positives to joining our girl gang. It’s not just about dancing to amazing tunes. There’s so much more. Here’s five of many…

1. Community

Let me talk you through your first time in class. You turn up nervecited (OMG am I really doing this?!). You want to try this class that everyone is talking about. As soon as you arrive you are welcomed with open arms. Everybody in class is warm and welcoming.

You’re a newbie so you go to the back of the room. It’s fine, everyone does it (No one can laugh at me messing up, right?). You cringe at the girl standing next to you in an ‘Eek! Help me!’ kind of way but she puts you at ease telling you not to worry, you’ll pick it up, just have fun!

And then… Boom boom, you’re in the room! Absolutely no time for thinking or feeling self conscious. Before you know it you’re moved by the music. You’re smiling, body rolling, hair flicking, bum smacking, laughing, absolutely loving your life. The atmosphere is electric. You can hear whoops, cheers and laughs. Yes, some of them are coming from your actual mouth.

One hour has passed (Wait, whaaat? Well that flew!) and you did it. The most common thing people say after their first class? ‘I had no idea what I was doing but I loved it!’ Love at first dance right there.

Within six weeks, once you feel more confident with the routines, you’re dancing  in the middle of the room. Within three months? You’re at the front next to the instructor, flicking your hair, red lippy on, rocking a crop top (Is that really me in the mirror! Hell yeah it is!).

Turn’d Up Fitness is always putting on events, master classes and promo video shoots where all the instructors and their girl gangs get involved.  You’re taking part in promo videos and photo shoots. You’re sassing away at the front, bursting with confidence, edging the other girls out of the way (jokes). You are even thinking of becoming a Turn’d Up instructor. (Do it do itttt!!)

You will meet a class bestie. This is standard. I’ve met the most amazing women who will be my best friends for life. Lots of girls meet up outside of classes and connect on social media, supporting each other whenever they can. We are like one big ridiculously happy family, all filled with so much love and passion.

Congrats. You are now a fully fledged member of the Turn’d Up Fitness Girl gang! 💁‍♀️

2. Do one, negativity!

So many of us suffer with anxiety and depression. Let’s face it, it’s hard out there and sometimes it feels like we bounce from problem, to crisis to problem. An hour of Turn’d Up declutters your mind from *all of the thoughts*. Why? In class you’re concentrating, you’re in the moment. Turn’d Up helps you forget about your workload, day-to-day problems, those worries that have been niggling away at you. It totally clears your head space, giving you more clarity and focus for your day-to-day life. It’s one hour to set yourself free. Yes, the problems may still be there when you finish, but you can tackle them with renewed energy and clarity of mind.

And don’t forget, your confidence is sky rocketing with every class. You’re approaching life with more sass, more positivity.

3. Who’s that hottie? Me!

Along with your confidence, You will notice your body shape changing. There’s the tighter tummy from all of the hip whines and body rolls and ooh, is that a peachier bum?! The Turn’d Up bum… It’s a thing.

You can burn up to 900 calories in a one-hour class, depending on how much effort you put in. The choreography is cleverly designed to sculpt and shape you. I’m 37 years old and I’ve never been so happy with my body as I am now from doing Turn’d Up Fitness. The routines have a cardio interval which mirrors high-intensity interval training (HIIT) – helping you to burn more calories, increase your metabolism, lose fat and gain muscle. You’ll see massive improvements in your fitness levels.

4. The ultimate transformation

If you are looking for a career change or a side hustle, I would highly recommend becoming a Turn’d Up Fitness instructor. I provide you with all the tools you need to build up your classes and your community. You don’t need any previous experience. I’ve got you covered. You are provided with a back catalogue of routines, plus new routines added each month to keep your classes fresh and themed masterclass material. You’ll receive marketing and advertising training. We meet once a month for technique training. You’ll have a mentor. You’ll have access to a private support group that is filled with an amazing, supportive group of women (what else would you expect from Turn’d Up?!).

Becoming an instructor is one life choice you will never regret – find out more here!

5. And there’s more…

I could go on (and on and on…) about all the benefits of Turn’d Up Fitness, but word counts exist for a reason unfortunately. I love a list, and so instead I thought I’d do a brain dump of all the benefits of Turn’d Up.

Improves your balance

Improves posture

Better sleep pattern

Safe space for you to express yourself

Weight loss

Gives you more energy

Clears your head

Changes your body shape


Routine in your life

Learn new moves


Realistic fitness goals

Improves body image distortion

You’re part of an amazing empowering community

See? It’s a no brainer. Come and see for yourself. Find a class near you here. We can’t wait to dance with you!

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