21 Day Challenge

Overcome emotional eating and increase self care

Turn’d Up Fitness founder and award-winning entrepreneur Shekira Johnson is here to help YOU overcome emotional eating with her brand new 30 Day Empowered Challenge.

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How much easier would life be if you felt confident in your body and believed in yourself? How would you feel if you could control your emotions WITHOUT turning to food? How amazing would it be to never feel guilty about what you eat?

Break the cycle of binge eating with this unique, easy to understand and stick-to programme. You will learn to change your relationship with food through mindset, exercise, meal planning and goal setting. Embrace a revolutionary new lifestyle that will enable you to experience the health, happiness, and confidence you deserve, in just 21 Days

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9th May

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This unique programme has been created by Shekira Johnson to help anyone struggling with binge eating, negative body image and self-confidence. Following her own experience overcoming emotional eating, Shekira designed this empowering 21-Day self-development challenge to provide you with all the tools you need to change your mindset and lifestyle, and feel healthy, happy and free.

Course Content

• 21 days of activities and tasks to unlock your limited beliefs and help you thrive in what you want to achieve
• ‘Meet Shekira Johnson’ with live interactive group sessions
• Combination of group workshops and independent challenges
• Practical tools and resources to assist with accountability
• Private Facebook community support group
• Online Check session post challenge.
• Certificate of recognition

How many times have you said to yourself,

‘the diet starts tomorrow’

only to fall off the wagon, again and again?

Have you ever experienced eating food to

deal with disappointment

sadness and conflict in your life?

Do you look in the mirror and

hate what you see?

Are you constantly

comparing yourself to others

and feeling like you don’t measure up?

Are you ready to change all this?

This programme has everything you need to help you to address and overcome the self-sabotage and triggers at the root of binge eating. With a strong focus on mindset, exercise, eating well, and creating new habits, you will learn a new lifestyle that will help you to feel empowered, positive and hopeful about the future.

This programme is entirely unique because Shekira has firsthand experience of binge eating – she has lived it and knows all the pitfalls of recovery. Shekira fully understands the obstacles you will come up against in your journey and will give you techniques and tools that really work to overcome them. Everything Shekira has learned has been incorporated into this programme to enable you to overcome binge eating and low self-confidence and belief.

From a morning routine to ensure you start your day right, to advice on getting a good night’s sleep, Shekira will be with you every step of the way, with advice, honesty and solidarity. Together, you will reach the life you want.


The best online class I have ever attended!

For women of all shapes and sizes. It’s a good work out, the girls are all so friendly and it is all about giving women confidence in their bodies too! I CAN NOT WAIT to do it again.

RACHEL, On Demand Member

Where have you been all our lives?!

Since coming to your classes I feel like for one hour I can be myself because I’m not only a mum, I’m me, too. It makes me feel sensual and womanly and boosts my confidence 100%. I feel 10feet tall when I walk out!

HAJRAH, On Demand Member

Tonight I have just done my third Live class with Shekira

It was like stepping into a different world of no stress, no worries and no self-doubt… Instead I felt uplifted, empowered and had the biggest smile.

Jessica, On Demand Member

At first I felt self-conscious, however after two minutes I was having too much fun to care

I had a grin on my face the whole time. A wonderful, fun, sweaty LIVE class with a great atmosphere. CANT WAIT to go again next week.

Daisy, Live Class Member

This is something I truly believe in , it Changed my life .

Ive Tried all sorts of classes gave them up nothing made me stick to a class . Till I found Turn’d up fitness 3 years ago , I was scared and nervous but after one class I was hooked. After weeks I gained confidence , got fitter , my body shape started changing . And I was addicted to this amazing programme .

Gemma, On Demand Member

On Demand Is fun, sassy, sexy and Shekira is awesome, she makes all the sessions energetic fun and a laugh a minute.

Lucy, On Demand Member

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