21 day habit changing program

to overcome binge eating and build self confidence

It starts with you!!


 The challenge will kick off on Sunday 11th April. You will follow a 21 day plan but it doesn’t end there, you’ll form habits to take forward to be the best version of you. Get more energy, more clarity and feel happier. 

You will need to be registered and paid before the challenge start date on 22nd Feb. 


 At Turn’d Up we pride ourself onempowering people to makechanges in their life. 

If you’re stuck in a rut and have adestructive relationship with foodthen this programme is for you. 

We’ll supply you with all the tools and empower you to be accountable, feel healthier, more productive and stop your self sabotaging habits. You’ll also get the full Turn’d Up Fitness dance experience to compliment this. 


All ‘Lives’ (workouts and workshops) will take place in our private Facebook group. 

As programme members  you’ll form a group of like minded individuals, ready to smash the full 21 days. 

Your daily tasks/reminders/goals will be  posted here too. 

You can share your progress with the support group to motivate each other. 


As a committed programme member you will get access to the following: 

  • 21 Day plan, including 3 live Turn’d Up sessions a week with Shekira.
  • Daily videos to help you create better habits to manage your relationship with food and build confidence.
  • 3 Book recommendations that will transform your life 
  • A Nutrition ‘Quick’ Guide with meal ideas and recipes. 
  • Weekly Food Planner.
  • Guide to your key Vitamin and Mineral supplements to support cognitive brain function. 


£40 – one off fee payable to gain access to lives, planners, group and workshop content. 

Sign up NOW by filling out the form below and paying the fee via the PayPal button.

Welcome email sent with kick off and progress tracker. Facebook group access granted prior to the challenge start date. 

Everyone who completes the programme will receive a free 1:1 consultation with Life Coach Heidi Dodson and Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach Ryan Evans

Application Form & Payment