Module 4

Social Media & Marketing

This module is split into 3 parts.


Connecting with followers of all platforms gives you a personal touch – you’re not looking to promote yourself solely, Turn’d Up is all about female confidence and making everyone feel welcome, so use this and connect with your following, and also use these skills to build your followers/likes. There are so many ways you can connect with people on social media:

Direct messages 

Commenting on posts 

Sharing posts 

Feature different attendees/instructors every week

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to connect with your girl gang constantly, and strangers! If a stranger complimented your hair/body/style in the street, you’d feel amazing – so imagine you doing that on a girls selfie, she may be reluctant to upload it but your comment will boost her confidence which is what this is about. 

Gaining followers seems a difficult task, but there are so many tips and tricks that people miss or don’t consider when it comes to building your profile. It needs to stand out, think of what you would love to see, what sort of pages would you follow? What grabs your attention? Is it adding value?

Find (relevant) local businesses on Instagram, follow these 

Follow the followers/following of local relevant businesses 

Comment on posts by others – bring out the personality of the company but be aware to not make it sound like you’re a spam/fake/robot account – e.g: “Love this post/you’re smashing it/I love your posts”, positive message that make others feel good, whilst also building your page – people will want to follow you.
Send a direct messages often, to your girls, new people etc.

For example – local gyms, local supplement/protein/nutrition/meal prep companies their followers and following are likely to be following out of interest/relevance, so your company is not dissimilar to what they would want to see, they will follow you in return 

Direct messages can sometimes get lost, so make them sound personal, e.g: “Thanks so much for checking out our page, we’d love to see you in class – if you email me or dm me back to book on!”

Scheduling & organisation of when to post (all social media platforms) 

Build a schedule for yourself, and stick to it!! Consistency is KEY with all social media. You wouldn’t follow a page that didn’t post, so why would anyone else? 

Just like Youtubers do – someone like Elle Darby posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays every week – consistency is how excitement is built with her following, they will look forward to posting days – so with a company as amazing as Turn’d Up Fitness, there no reason not to do this because girls will love and look forward to keeping up with you! 


Monday: MONDAY MOTIVATION – what are you up to?
Tuesday: TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY – has someone in your class changed dramatically, it doesn’t even have to be body size/shape, but MINDSET too. Or even your own testimonial – it connects you on a personal level and people will aspire to push themselves.
Wednesday: WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY – another chance to post about an inspiring woman, even if it’s Beyoncé, or someone in your class!
Thursday: Nutrition/other exercises – anything else you can think of that makes your page personal.
Friday: TGIF!!! Celebrate that you and your followers have made it through the week.
Saturday: LEARNING A NEW ROUTINE. Post positive quotes, spread the word about your classes for the next week!
Sunday: REST DAY (if this is your rest day), post about the importance of rest and relaxing. Preparing for the week ahead – promote starting Monday with a positive mindset to have a positive week.

That is just one of hundreds of skeletons you can follow for your page, you don’t have to stick to that one, but we do recommend having a structure and plan. It helps you in the long run with content and page building!

Methods & implementation: 

Post regularly
Up to twice a day on actual posts, Instagram stories should almost be constant (if you can) – people love to keep up with stories, it makes your page much more personal, plus you’re investing in showing your followers what you get up to (basically, show that you practice what you preach!) 

Facebook is great for connecting with a wider audience of all ages, but also has a great demographic of older women/members, who may not be on Instagram – so update your Facebook stories, and post on your page with updates (even link your Instagram posts to Facebook)
If you’re linking your Instagram posts to Facebook, remember that they are two different platforms, so do try and vary it so that it’s not too samey.


Below, we’ve got a great video with Emma Payne, who will talk you through some helpful hints & tips about social media & marketing.


Below, we’ve collected some helpful hints & tips from former and current Turn’d Up Fitness instructors.

Always take an end of class photo!! Members share it like mad and it gets more girls to my class!  

 Once a month I do a music video session where I ask if anyone wants to stay behind and we record a chorus of their fave song so I can use it for promo – again they share it like crazy and love being involved.   

I post every day on social media. Boosted posts help if you can afford them.

I’ve set up a closed Facebook page, and added everyone who came to class. I started with 6 people, now there’s 350 on there. I built up a rapport, ie funny posts and general chats after class. 

I usually spend an hour on a Sunday preparing and scheduling posts for the week [there are various apps you can do this on like Hootsuite]. I did research into peak social media times and tried to ensure my posts before a class hit those times. I became a member of selling groups and local media groups.

On Facebook and Insta too I could (with permission) post about my classes directly to the women in those areas. It’s hard and takes a lot of forward planning but I think I’ve finally cracked it now. 

 I think women want to know that Turn’d Up is for them so I try to make my posts real. I use quotes from my girls and take fun photos so we don’t look too serious. I want women to feel I’m approachable. 

I’ve invested in a photography session too as I think they make the brand look professional. 

Advertise with a regionally targeted social media advert on Instagram.

Interact with people on social media, watch stories and follow things in the community where you are starting your classes.

Provide value on social media, tell people what you are providing them with. E.g. I want people to have fun, make friends, and get fit. Show people sassy vids if you’re recruiting from dance classes 😉 show catchy routines and tell people that beginners are welcome. 

Share your class details on Facebook pages that will give you good exposure, e.g. local Free Ads.

Ask family and friends to share your page. 

Make a Facebook event for your first class for people to share. 

Do a practice run (in the hall or studio few weeks before ) and invite some friends and family for free. Take pics and ask those who come to share.   

If people like your posts or comment or tag people, MESSAGE them! They are obviously liking what they see; they might just need a bit of encouragement. 

Be brand aware and translate that into how you conduct yourself in life, in class, on socials!